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OVERCAST lyrics : "Seven Foot Grin"

You alone are abuse
You alone are pain
Extinction held within your fist

All good things come to those who slaughter

Bursting with laughter your anecdotes agonize

I would shatter that grin

Depression, the rust that binds this soul together

Corrosive entropy
Here you will not find solace beating savage madness into


It is the purity the broken question

It is the morality the promise broken
Serenity sanctified inside your microcosm
You stench of vile irrelevance

Shards of glass bleed bloody knuckles
I would shatter that grin

Well I want nothing more of humanity, I've finally
Become this evil within

Letting lose my inner beast as I grip your neck and twist
Welcome to the opposition [email protected]$(
Enjoy the validity of brutality

Bestowed upon us in return

As I grip your neck and twist

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