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OVERCAST lyrics : "As a Whole"

Heaven sent
To destroy anything and everyone that stands against my

Save yourself
Turn away before the massacre

Keep your distance

Pretend we never met

I'm darker than the rest
The unholy, the sinner

Worthless to humanity
Compounding damnation upon damnation

I want it all
I'll take it all
I'll have it all

I'll take it all

I am life and death as a whole

I lurk among all of evil's shadows

I could give you new dimension

I could show you new direction
I could be your one dark obsession
Give you all the pain you ever dreamed of

Blasphemizing all I touch
Dredge of sight and sound

Searching out by all
Then scorned and prosecuted once found

I'll show you death
I'll give you new life
I'll drag you kicking and screaming

And screaming

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