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OVERCAST lyrics : "Apocalypse Upon Us"

Gag on ash dust
Orange clouds loom in the summer's frozen chill
Winding down, grinding down

As our snowballing karma begins to titan
Apocalypse upon us
Emptiness is our end


Legions of dark divide and surround

Coming from all parts of this forsaken town

And how to you keep from laughing

When you tell me it's alright
And why do you keep from weeping
When you tell me we will see tomorrow

So easily depressed
So deeply obsessed

Worthless we've succumb
Meaningless you've all become

So much freedom in carelessness
Everything is in the palm of our sweaty paws
Rust to dust, fool proof solutions that draw flies

Oh how your legs tire
Muscels seize and bones crumble
But the urge to run carries on

The fire in your eyes rips through the streets
My taste for it has soured

Dead to the world am I
Cause I never had faith in your kind
Will you still hide your face when he is standing at your back

When he is sulking through your kitchen
Till he is scratching under your bed

Closer than you think
We are all nothing

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