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OUT OF EDEN lyrics : "Make Way"

make way for the crew shorty
we comin thru shorty
you know how we do shorty

we're makin moves shorty
i know you feel this beat
so bump it in the clubs

and bang it in your jeeps
cause you just can't get enough
let me tell you how it's goin down

let me introduce the new show in town
playin no games no messin round
taking no prisoners how's that sound

three young ladies comin out for you
yo, it's been too long since you heard the truth
so this is the real no substitute

we've come to lay it down get it crunk for you
you tired of hearing songs about things they've got
when you are dead broke and ain't got alot

got questions and answers they have not
that's why we came here to blow up the spot
you're ready for something new

something more than my new car or my brand new shoes
my burberry this or my twenty-two's
well listen close as we break it down for you

we represent for g-o-d
full of life bringing positivity
livin right cause that's the way

fully clothed and that's okay
trying to give a new point of view
cause you to think

the message that your life can be new
that's what we bring
you're wasting years and air you breath

no clue about your destiny
great is what you're meant to be
here's the light for you to see

cause we're walking different
we smoke the competition
we dope we're on a mission

no joke this thing is real
listen close to what we say
what we say what we say

we ain't coming just to play
we've come to save the day

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