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OUT OF EDEN lyrics : "Confused"

I've been through so many changes I don't know which way to go

Yet I've got it so together I can see with my eyes open or with

my eyes


Late at night I cry and wonder why my life's goin', goin'

But during the day everything is okay, I'm having it my way, I

My teachers tell me that I am a lost soul, in a black hole

But my mind, it tells me that I'm doing just fine

Oh if everything is peachy, why can't anybody reach me

I've always said I don't need anybody else


I'm so confused

So confused

And I'm destined to lose

Unless I follow another way

Spent all my time lookin' for something never knew what for

Tried out all the options just to find that more pain and hurt

was in store

Been through it all, but the one thing that I still run from is


Still I remember 'bout all the things my momma said that you

could do

She said that if I only let you in my life

You could take away the sorrow and the emptiness inside

But to be true, the life I'm living, it's hard to let it go

Though I've spent my whole life learning, there's so much that I

don't know

(chorus x2)

I hear you calling, telling me to leave it all behind

If I could only find the answers to the questions in my mind

I wonder could it be my mind's not meant to understand

Maybe I should go with my heart and put my life in your hands

Surrender to you

(chorus out

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