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OUR LADY PEACE lyrics : "Monkey brains"

Makin' plans for your escape
Get between all the ricochets
Assume positions in the sky

Fly away with the butterflies
Rest your head in Pacific grove
Lose yourself down in Mexico

Wanna taste of the monkey brains
Take a bite man don't be shy

They're comin' after you
They're comin' after you
It's all you can do

They're comin' after you

Got your file and your DNA

Membership in the NRA
On the list with the FBI
Yearbook pics from the junior high

Camouflage in your orange and black
Soar above all the ground attacks
Safe and sound on this coastal plane

Celebrate with the cheap champagne

Generations trying to find a home

A thousand miles away from what they know
It's time to go

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa