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OTIS REDDING lyrics : "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

I couldn't love you your way
Yeah, and still you came to see me day by day
But now I miss you all the time

No heart can be as sad as mine
Ain't nobody's fault but mine

Ah, yeah, uh

What will lie due tomorrow

Burden down and suffer with my sorrows
But crying ain't gonna help me knock
I made a mistake anyhow

It ain't nobody's fault but mine

Oh, got to but...

One day I got to pay for my mistakes, y'all
It's gonna carry me straight to my grave

I gotta tell you, now
I wanna tell you sum'n

Instead of you trying to spend my money
Yet your favorite word was to call me honey

But I was just a doggone fool
Trying to be so doggone cool
Ain't nobody's fault but mine

I thought I didn't, oh
I made a big mistake, y'all

I did something wrong too, ah
Nobody's fault but mine
It ain't nobody's fault but mine

I did the wrong thing to you girl
Somebody help me now
I need a little bit of help now...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa