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Orphaned Land : Find Your Self, Discover God lyrics

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Orphaned Land lyrics : "Find Your Self, Discover God"

Find your self discover god
And the truth you can't deny i shall never die
Together we shall fly

You will find your god the only one
You are his begotten son

Beyond the mystic sky
I know that i can fly
And my soul shall follow the path

I paved wlone with love

You know the only thing i want is to love

How can i lie within you now?
God of darkness god of light
In my soul day or night

I ride the shadows yet live in light and cry...
"if a man could pass through the paradise in a dream
And has a flower presented to him as a pledge

Thus his soul had been here" (nathaniel hawthorne)
As i awaken from slumber my mind filled with sights unreal

My only wish is to see you lie
To make your soul forever fly
You will fly beyond the mystic sky

You will lie again with the lord allah!

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