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ORLA GARTLAND lyrics : "Down the Drain"

you love the smell of petrol but prefer the smell of wine
i think we've nothing else in common but we get along just fine
We wouldn't know

i'll get up extra early coat my eyelashes in black
i will strum on my guitar and i will try to win you back

we wouldn't know

We wouldn't knooow love if it slapped us in the face

You turn to me
I turn to you

Neither of us fools have got a clue
like it or not
you're on the brain

so i'm hoping this does not go down
hoping this does not go down the drain

you never know quite what to say to me
and i see your head shake
i guess you've never been the brightest candle on the cake

but I wouldn't know

you're with me every morning drinking coffee making toast

I guess I'm worried that you will not be there when I need you most
We wouldn't know


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Thanks to maria.01215