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Orange Goblin lyrics : "Whiskey Leech"

I'm not about to change the course of mankind
But I found a little reason for living
I spoke to Elvis through a hole in the sky

And he told me all my sins were forgiven

So now I'm standing like a fool on the hill

An empty bottle and a handful of pills
And like an outlaw I got all that I need
But I'm taking everything that you're givin'

It's when the bottle takes you under its wing
That it starts to eat away at your brain, yeah

That's when your mind decides to call it a day
And the voices start to drive you insane, yeah

So charge your glasses to the devil's rebirth
Pour yourself another and prepare for the worst
I am the plague that brought the end of mankind

With a chance to do it over again, yeah

It's not a future that I hold in my hand

But a symbol of disease and destruction
A generation going out of their minds
High on dreams of death and abduction

Got revolution on the tip of my tongue
End of everything that's living under the sun

This quest for fire is about to explode
So whiskey is the only solution

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa