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OPPRESSED lyrics : "Chaos"

Do you remember the days in 69?
Seeing all the skinheads standing in a line
Foaming at the mouth, Waiting for a fight

High boots, cropped hair, what a $#[email protected]' sight
Come back of the skinhead
come back of the boot

People that we don't beat up
We're gonna $#[email protected] shoot
We are the new breed, we will have our say

we are the new breed, we ain't gonna die
Trouble east London
Trouble in the street

On the street corners
Where the gang still meets
Talking about the weekend

What they're gonna do?
If you ain't careful
They are gonna do you!

Chaos in the city
Civil war now
Skinheads taking over

Like skinheads know how
Skinhead with his boots on
Nobody's fool

Skinheads taking over
Chaos is the rule!
Chaos, chaos, chaos - don't give a toss

Chaos, chaos, chaos - don't give a toss!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa