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OPERATION IVY lyrics : "Unity"

Theres a war comin down between my brothers tonight
I dont want no war going down, going down tonight
Stop this war

Stop this war
Civilization ha I call it as I see it
I call it bull%#@! you know I still cannot believe it

Our evolution now has gone the way of hate
A world evolved resolved into this stupid fate
Stop this war

Stop this war
All so different yeah I say were all the same
All caught you know in the division game

Self destruction fast impending like a bullet
No one can stop it once its fired no one can control it
Stop this war

Stop this war
A final word, wait it's not a call to action
We aint no sect no this aint no $#[email protected] faction

Unity unity unity you've heard it all before
This time its not exclusive we want to stop a war
Stop this war

Stop this war
Unity as one stand together
Unity evolutions gonna come right(x4)

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