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OPERATION IVY lyrics : "Take Warning"

Stand by your freinds, wrong or right
Can't call that justice when its just a stupid excuse to

Single out and attack the ones who got no defense
You call that a new way of thinking i call it regression to

Take warning
Theres a new generation coming
And we really gotta stand up to them

Nobodys got a thing against you
Unless youve got something to prove
We dont need no set of standards,

We dont need a new set of rules
Heard all that %#@! before
About stomping out any difference

We say stand together!
(not to fight just to exist)
Take warning

Intimidation coming
And we really gotta say no to them
Enough is enough is enough

Why dont you just ease up
I saw another beat down last nite take warning
Who's the next to hit the ground tonite take warni

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