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OPERATION IVY lyrics : "Sleep Long"

One day I saw a man asleep
In a doorway on the street
Thru walls of sheltered

Inhibition I perceived his
Condition dying of hunger
And exposure, food and shelter

Two blocks over within
This place we breed and
Dwell in we've created living hell

Sleep long sleep well
Only to awake in hell
City sleeps and pigeons flutter

Vagrant dies in the gutter
Prideless death somehow befitting
To life spent working on forgetting

Riding on the bus I looked outside and thought about death
Passing cars the only tribute to his gasping final breath
Sleep long sleep well

Only to awake in hell
(Constant subliminal brain immersion
Subconscious death wish coercion

Buy and consume and want and need
Never fall from the trap of greed)
I thought about the bitter pain of jail cells

And falling rain I thought ahead and looked away
What can you do anyway in sheltered youth and our

Avert our eyes to divert attention
Only to see the himan victims always there to remind us
Sleep long sleep well

Only to awake in he

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