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Onslaught : 66'Fucking'6 lyrics

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Onslaught lyrics : "66'Fucking'6"

Hell is here its the new asylum
Phase 1 - ride the demon wave
This is war with extreme aggression

Horns high in a sea of rage
Battle scarred from the frontline bloodshed
Phase 2 Charge the pit and down

Bang bang bang a thousand hammer heads
Thrasing out on the hallowed ground

Louder harder faster than a mark 8 shell
Darker stronger heavier than the gates of hell

We are the chaos legions
We fight with an iron fist

We play the devils music
We are the union of the 6 6 6

Hit the floor in a pain reaction
Phase 3 A crushing wall of death

Broken limbs and a screaming siren
Body Count strike a chord for the dead
Killing light in our world of darkness

Phase 4 Its a violent dawn
Sold my soul in search of madness
Legacy of the circle born


They fear you they fear me
They fear their world of misery
They fear you they fear me

They fear the sound of devilry
The sound of world war 3
They fear me


We are we are
We are the devils legions
We are we are

We are the devils legions

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