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This is a song,
About my pain,
About my suffering.

I was born,

My d*** is so tiny.

I have to make love,
With the lights out,
And even then,

I hear snickering.

So I am nice,

I cuddle,
I kiss you gently,
And treat you like a queen.

Other guys,
They don't have to try,

Because they're well endowed.

Walking proud,

They scream it loud,
You're better than me,
You're better than me.

Rod: Hey this really isn't doing anything for me can we go ahead and pull out the toys?
Vo: Sure, no problem, that doesn't hurt my feelings or anything.

Rod: Yeah well that's just it I'm feeling nothing so can you just get something to help?
Vo: You know what? Why don't we just take a box cutter and cut my d*** off because it's obviously useless.
Rod: Are you serious? Because then you could be like my girlfriend and that would be awesome.

Vo: Yeah sure I don't mind being a girl I mean I was practically born one.
Rod: OH MY GOD! I'm so excited, but do you mind if I go ahead and start dating a real man now?
Vo: Yeah, I mean, we can just be friends, whatever.

Rod: Cool.

You don't have to, pretend to be ^^&$#* anymore.

You don't have to, like my p**** anymore.

Bloody box cutter,

My bloody box cutter,
Look at my blood box cutter,
My bloody.

Rod: Hey, can you go ahead and get out? I'm gonna have s** with my new boyfriend.
Vo: Did you want my microp**** as a suvenier?

Rod: Yeah no you can just throw it in the garbage disposal on your way out.
Vo: Ok then... I hope you guys have a great time together.

Now let's end this song, with a really long moaning.

Rod: I said, get out!

Vo: Oh, sorry, bye.`

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