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ONE VOICE lyrics : "Before You Go Tomorrow"

I cant leave you but i know you cant stay
i never thought our love could end up this way
and i cant imagine livin life without you now

how could this happen that youre lovin me down
never thought id feel so much hurt inside
so much to even let down my pride

and i know its ova now so darlin help me out


before you go tomorrow
just love me today
whisper you'll stay with me

just softly as you walk away

my love of a lifetime had left suddenly (suddenly)
i thought id love you could go on endlessly
and i cant beleive you that you could go on

theres no way out im not that strong
now my hearts are starin into your eyes (into your eyes)
and my heart just wants to ask you why

why did this have to be , that youre leavin me

[repeat chorus]

theres no sense in denyin
i know that im just lyin to myself

i need your help so dont go away
just give me one more night to make things right
cuz i dont beleive that you wanna leave

and end this way

[repeat chorus twice]

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