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ONE HIT WONDER lyrics : "Stay Away"

Oh when I say to you, you've gotta make a choice
Is it me or just the sound of my voice
Just the sight of you can bring me up or down

Taking hits finding food in our home town

You lied to me, I think you're full of %#@! now

I don't believe a word, I have nothing else to say to you,
I told you once to stay away...
Stay away form me, stay away from me,

Stay away from me

And when you're out I sleep, I'm creeping in my sleep

The pounding door makes me worry who I meet
Your crazy hair and your crazy mind
I know your head is spinning all the time


You talk to fast and you talk too much
You bother me cause you say I'm not enough
Your not the same you've changed for the worst

So stay away cause I was here first

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