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ONE HIT WONDER lyrics : "15 And Punk"

15 she was a punker
Didn't know about anyone
When the evening comes around

Like the sun she's going down
When the midnight hour strikes
The man is reading you your rights

You think you're so big time
When you're skulling through the night
He takes your hand and puts it on his thing

Your brother came and said you had to leave
They don't like the way you walk by yourself

She don't like the way they follow her around
They can find you hangin' out upstairs
But we don't want you any more

15 she was a punker
Didn't know about anyone
Friends know where she is found

Sand her home before the sun goes down
She's Sublime's biggest fan
She's got stickers on her daddy's van

Smokin' pot you couldn't hang
You've done 'em all
Now feel the pain

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