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ONE BE LO : True Love lyrics

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ONE BE LO lyrics : "True Love"

That's what I want to talk about this morning...
Love, true love, unconditional love(check it out)

Once upon a time, he used to call the fellas and hang

Met her, they said he was never the same
Started seeing them together like umbrellas and rain
You would think that spaghetti put a spell on his brain

This shorty was a forty on scales of one to ten
Tight midsection, light skin complexion
Sugar, red spice and everything delicious

Did I fail to mention, that she payed tuition (not yet)
She said "I'm trying to get the education"
So she could get a good paying occupation

Maybe with a big name corporation
Full benefits with the paid vacation(here we go)
She liked poetry said "I'll read you mine"

I'll never lead you blind or feed you swine
If you would be mine, it would be sublime
But I still need some time for beats and rhymes

They would talk a whole lot about this and that
Which reminds me, hop the broom stick in fact
Got her daddy thinking what kind of ish is that

But I guess he didn't know opposites attract
True Love

[Chorus: Decompoze (One.Be.Lo)]
The way she walks with me
(It must be true love)

The way she talks to me
(It must be true love)
The way she looks at me

(It must be true love)
The way she's hooked on me
(It must be true love)

The way she trust in me
(It must be true love)
The way she lust for me

(It must be true love)
The way she stuck with me
(But check it out! If you find true love hold on to the end)

Conversation, in the place integration, we flossed with envy

You tossed and hit me, in the slug like Ross and Ritchie
We solved a mystery, Men's evolution and wars eventually
Involved in history, barriers dissolved immensely

With all she gives me, she got my back like a tail bone
Radiate like antennas on cell phone
And make it straight, see when it's time to display the truth

You get the point like a saber tooth
See in the mix we stand, you seen in this tan hand
Behind the dissed pen hands, it's time to fix the plan

Cause to her love's infinite, but the future get ended quick
Beware all the moochers and benedicts
We made a mark like exclamation (explanation)

Her only expectation is love with no expiration
After 6 long years no longer a friend
So if you find true love hold on to the end


Sample: mix - Find, True, Love [x4]
Hold on, Ho-Ho-Hold On [x6]

Ever since I met you I knew it was special

Now I'm just taking my time to make a chess move
Don't wanna violate that cause I respect you
But soon as the wed's through, hand stroke your body like pet zoo

All over the bedroom, down I never let you
More like up in the way, come to the rescue!
Used to have an ex who bought jewels and gems

But his money can't buy true love, that won't impress you

I'm talking love unconditional
If that's what you in it for

You could lock me down like prison door
But if your vision go, to abide the superficial
Surprises do to diminish you to ride the stricted issues
Besides I'm with you regardless of the hardships
My squad gets to spaces only reached by the star ships

Cause I'm an artist, paint pictures a destiny
And your love is blessed to me, when the truth sets it free
True Love


Hold on to the end [x3]
You know what I'm saying
If you find that extra special person you wanna be with dog

Be afraid
You find that hand? Hold it tight
Walk on the beach or something
Everybody's got love in their life

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