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ONE BE LO : Cold World lyrics

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ONE BE LO lyrics : "Cold World"

Yo, Labelled as a problem child, doing what was not allowed
Got kicked out of mama's house, now I'm stepping out of bounds
Had to find some solid ground, Seventeen without a doubt

Attitude was sauerkraut, boxing bout, I tried to knock my father out
Too proud to throw the towel, me and family falling out
Lonely 'til the O.G. told me "When you hit the bottom, bounce"

What you talking bout? %#@! I never thought about
It made sense to cops with hounds, not around, I'm outta town
Started with a small amount, once an ounce, now a pound

All I got balls and clout, "Money!" ain't no stoppin' now
Fortune, "Wheel of" White, Vanna can I solve the puzzle now?
That BS was out of style, damn I should've bought a vowel

Escalate the drama, driving pissy off the water brown
Paranoid, turn the volume down, heard the sirens sound
They wanna lock me down, F-that I'm hoppin' trial

Lost 'em once but now I'm found, Nameless-just number now

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