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OMNIA lyrics : "I don't speak Human"

Deep within the shadows
I'm the hungry wolf you fear
But I can see that you're the only evil creature here

Before you came we lived in peace but you have brought us death
I sing my pain up to the moon but it's a waste of breath

Because I don't speak Human
You can't understand a word I'm saying

Upon a wing, a flying thing, to you I seem so small
But I look down on what you've done, my Raven's eye sees all
You people like a cancer grow, destroying all you see

And 7 billion mutant monkeys, won't listen to me

I won't run this human race, your war is not for me

I hear the voices from the wild, they taught me how to see
It's us who are the strangers here and we don't own the land
My words they fall upon deaf ears, cause no-one understands

Now you tell me that I'm wrong and Animals don't feel
You say the Earth is not alive and only we are real

You try to tell me to behave that I must act like you
But I just stick my fingers in my ears and say: “$#[email protected] you!”

Cause I don't speak Human
I can't understand a word you're saying

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