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Omar Kami lyrics : "PRIDE AND LOVE"

waterfalls of pride are falling down
as I try to make my conscience understand
that I'm the same that I was before

I'm no one different than a couple years ago...
that my ego has rise up
oh trust me that's not true

yes I value more things
but I'm still the same ol' goof
I've never changed any of my ways

I know where I came from and whats coming on my way...

my pride and love are still going on

but I know who I am
that's who I've always been
nobody else...

now watch out here I come

glamorous and full of life
roll the carpet move away now
cus I'm coming out tonight

yes you see its fine with me
give me another glass
caramel apple martini on my mind

yes sir come and go
I wanna dance and feel so good
I have quite of pride and love

so no one tell me what to do
right now I just wanna feel alive
come and get me closer wanna feel alive tonight

when I'm out in front of cameras
I might be like this

including partying anytime
I'm out i feel so free
but if you get to know me baby oh you will see

I'm not a jerk I'm really cool someone you'd like to be...
I'm not conceded I've succeeded trying to keep myself free
from all the drama

that everyone tries to put on me
cus I'm strong but I love what I do
and I wouldn't change it for a thing...


lala la la lalalalalala
lalalalalalalala la la la
lalalalala la la la la ...


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