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Omar Kami lyrics : "More Than Friends"

From the moment I met you
I felt like I couldn't move
I felt you understood me

and I wondered if you saw it
but I felt it wasn't good...

But getting to know you more
I realized I couldn't let go
but I couldn't give in

'cuz I knew your feelings
and you weren't ready to start...

I tried hard to make the past
in your life go away at once
and tried to get in your heart

well I felt complete at once
and I can't let go
I really want you more

I wanna scream out loud
that I want you
and I wish that you were mine....

I desire you

and I want to know
If you and I could ever
be more than just friends

you captivated me
and you entrapped me
and now I want to know if you and I

could be more than just friends...

Be more than just friends...

But my sensibility
makes me always come in weak

with every feeling I have
well it's that I get that
everything that went in your life...

But I wish to show you now
that there is a furthermore

that love isn't a myth
I want to show that
if you let me now

you will not regret it once
I will make you happy I promise
trust me you'll never forget this time..


I want to be more than friends
I want to be more than just your friend oh...
oh oh ohhhh yeeahhh...

[Chorus x2]

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