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Omar Kami lyrics : "I Believe"

Faces and the voices
that run inside my mind
telling me they want me

but is it truth or not?

I run through the darkness

wanting to collide
but this secret keeps on
holding me through time..

time, time, time
holding me through time...

dragging those emotions
that I left behind

getting rid of factors
that mean nothing in mind

I step on the silence
that I once thought was loud
there is no sensation

now I'm just getting out...

as I make this new decisions

I understand what's right...


I believe in myself once again
I don't need anybody
to know just who I am

I believe that love can come from me
I don't need someone to know
that happiness exists...

an immortal feeling
of wanting to fly away

a desperation braking
through this walls of clay

why do we need others
to understand our path
we came alone

and alone we'll leave this life



c'est une vie d'amour
que je cherche pour toujours
mais tout l'amour n'existe pas

ci tu n'aime pas a vous...


I don't need
nobody to tell me who to be

no voices and no faces
can tell me how to be me
I believe that I can fly away

to any surface of life
and I will be happy...

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