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Omar Kami lyrics : "APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED"

I thought I swore to you yesterday
that i wasn't gonna say anything about you
I thought I made it very clear

that I wasn't going to make any wrong to you

now you are coming unto me

screaming like if you knew something
when it was that (*##$ you told everything
that said it to everybody...

(are you sure you wanna blame me

no no don't tell me no more no

don't say sorry no no
you never trust anybody
no no I don't wanna hear it

apology not accepted
you just blamed me for some stupid

yes you idiot I promised you
where is your mind every time

I talk to you?
never mine why am I asking
you never pay attention

you are just a freak...

then you come and say sorry

after you screamed at me
so savagely
so I turn around to you

with a grim that scares you
and I say

chorus 1

Chorus 2:

no no go and leave me alone
ho! don't you dare and touch me
I will punch hardly trust me

don't believe just try and grab me
my arm will swing you badly
you will get it with purple eyes and more


chorus 1 & 2

ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa