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Omar Kami lyrics : "A HAPPY ENDING"

he waited every day
while the love of his life was gone away
he said to himself

that when that love returned his life would begin
every day he waited
for a letter from him

until that one day that he received
that picture
the most precious moment

when he finally got it
knowing that his love was thinking of him

The most beautiful love is the one
that can wait even if there's no physical vision

or attention
but love exist even if a good bye will always be long within said
and he knew he loved him

even if he never
got to say good bye to him
he knew it

now he rests with it
knowing that the true love of his life
was what gave to him a happy ending...

he waited for that call
from that one that he loved

well it had been a while since he
hadn't known anything about him
and several months went by

and yet there was no sign
until by accident he heard it
from someone else

the accident was so terrible
he didn't live to tell at all
what had happened is now that he is gone


long and empty were his days now
never to hear from his love
he waited for such a long time

and now he is gone
tears of the sorrow
like there is no tomorrow

but true was his love
and there never will be
nobody else no more

no more
no more....

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