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OLIVIA : Silly Bitch In Love lyrics

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OLIVIA lyrics : "Silly Bitch In Love"

There's two things you don't $#&@ with
A girl's dough, and her heart
So I'm here to let y'all ^!$$%s know, fo' sho

Gave you my money, let you push my Benz
Up in my 600 chillin' with your friends

Boy I gave you everything you need
Guess I was
A silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh

All of my girls said "he's playin' you"
But I said "mind you're business cuz that ain't true"

Boy, you had me twisted and all confused
No more am I
A silly (*##$ in love

I was so silly (silly)
I was wide open (open)

I was in love (your love, your love, oh oh)
Yes I was a silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh

You had a dime but you cashed it in
I let you play me again and again
How many nights must I curse myself

Guess I was
A silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh

You remember all the time you spent
Out all night, just clubbin'
Comin' home, and then

I still gave you my lips, my hips
All of my chips, I guess I was
A silly (*##$ in love

Kept you draped in Dulce and iced out Roley's
Foolish enough to believe anything you told me

You had to ?? and you got the ??
But my love was the toss
And you had me lost

Yes I was a silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh

You had other (*##$es in my car

(Go ahead keep the Roley and the Benz)
Now you got other (*##$es wearin' my bra?
(I ain't mad, I ain't mad)

^!$$% you ain't know you was $#&@in' with a star
(I ain't mad, I ain't mad)
Ain't that (*##$ puttin' up with that silly %#@! no more

(Silly (*##$ in love)
^!$$% you out the door

I was so silly (to let you push my Benz)
I was wide open (I didn't listen to my friends)
I was in love (I guess I was)

Yes I was a silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh

Silly (*##$ in love, oh oh

Oh oh, oh oh
Oh, oh, oh oh
Silly (*##$, silly (*##$

No more am I
(Silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh)

So silly, oh oh, oh
How could I let you treat me so bad?
Lost in love, lost in love

(Silly (*##$ in love, oh oh oh)
Silly, silly (*##$

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