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OLIVIA : Control lyrics

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OLIVIA lyrics : "Control"

It's Drake
Sold out I see you.

You know what it is, ATL

This here is a PSA
I'm addicted to fresh
so you could either get with the real or stick with the rest

get an A-plus sitcker for the way that I stick it stick it
so even if she getting stuck I stick it the best

get it, got it, good, gotta get it going
cause I don't want you confused it's always better knowing
and so it's only right I make you aware

I am the only rapper taking you there
all night baby

I got a lot of respect for a shawty who be talking that ish on a regular
when you put me in check and tell me to my face

can't nobody do it better now
I aint tripping on you but
I'ma show you later how a pretty women gon stretch em out(?)

I'ma (?) and show you I'm keep coming back I put it down

[Chorus - Olivia]

It's (?) its your goal
I'ma sit here and dig it right
I'm on deck in control

and I can give it to you all night
I'm gon' rock my hips and I'm lick my lips
wrap you all round my finger

then do a little strut across the room
baby boy lil mama such a winner

I'm in control

I want what I want

I don't give up
I stunt, so step it up



SO you think your so cool with your laid back swag
and your 750 series now
cause you got a lot of cash and you throw it in the bag

got Fab on speed dial
all the money in the World don't impress me
I got my own ish I aint impressed b

you better come harder than that
I'm a rude girl, daddy I'm a little G



You know who it is,
cooler than Mick Jagger with the stones
stop jacking my swagger cause my swagger is my own

the beautlifullest chick
an empty bottle of Cris
I'm hopping out the whip then I stagger to my home and I'm grown

freeze frame car never leave plane
(?) on it like back to back (?)

put on some (?) or something hood girl
we all know that RnB is for the good girls
me I'm in the A A all white all night

tell them girls come and they all like alright
a cut above they tend to call me a college cat
I ball hard and Toronto please acknowldge that


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