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OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW : don't ride that horse lyrics

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OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW lyrics : "don't ride that horse"

To Winnipeg, Saskatoon
Eutaw, Wawa, empty room
Hidin' bags, rollin' smokes

Skippin' punchlines, crackin' jokes

So pour it on, toss it back

Play that cocaine, play that shack
Sleepin' every now and then
Curled up tight with Crit and Ben on the ground

I ain't never goin' home again
I was tuggin' at my mama's breast

The first year really is the best

His blood pressure's droppin' down

We ditched the pot and we marked the ground

Ante up and watch him ride
Check that dude, he almost died

Seein' bears, ascendin' clown
Shut our whole damn circus down
Crappin' up in Joliet

We haven't wrecked the trailer yet
But we will
We're gonna get killed

Don't ride that horse
Don't ride that horse, honey

Don't ride that horse back home
Just let him roam
Let him roam

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