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Old Boy Network lyrics : "Way Out West"

Way out west
I took a summers break
Found this island

In the middle of a lake
And a lonely bar
And somewhere just for me

Way out west
I didn't search far

Found my first love
Serving at the bar
Siddled up to her

And asked her for a dance


The country band
Was winding down

Had no place to stay that night
She came into
My life that lucky day

I soon got to know her
In the fading light
This was the woman

Who would change my life
It's funny how things
Just seem to turn out right

Way out west
I don't know why

I took a chance
And she caught my eye
Low on sleep

And late at night

Way out west

The times pass by
It's ten years gone
Since she caught my eye

We have memories
That will linger on

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa