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Old Boy Network lyrics : "Looking At Life"

She was in a hurry and took a flyer west
She took my heartbeat and all the rest
I don't know where she's going to down her head

With some other jerk to share her love instead

I am walking down street with no purpose in mind

Listening to the music never knowing what I might find
I'm looking for a [email protected]&(t where I can get some sleep
Somewhere warm and somewhere safe and cheap

Looking at life to see what it might bring

A better way of living as a normal thing
I'm thinking about the good times, but they seem few
Trying to remember those things I used to do

The lawman said walk a straight line
His words ring true and that seems fine

The sidewalk echoes from the memories of an age gone by
My life's on hold, I'm on another high

I gotta' see the wood from the trees
No more floating around like their falling leaves
Had too much money and wasted it on that woman and dice

I need to find a shrink and take some good advice

I'll hitch a greyhound that's heading west

Get a job and money I know that's best
I'll find another woman not like the one before
Another journey's end and another closing door

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa