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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Work For Me"

F/ Young Chris

[Intro: Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Dirty, ya'll ^!$$%s get the $#[email protected] up
I'm out of jail, ^!$$%, I'm out of jail
What more, ^!$$%, Dirty

Go and get the $#[email protected] out, I'mma pull
One of your mutha$#[email protected]'s eye, ahh, something
Dirt McGirt, mutha$#[email protected]

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Ya'll know who I am, what?

Dirt McGirt, baby, whose the man?
What part you fools don't understand
Been away now, I'm back by popular demand

Ain't a damn thing changed, ^!$$%, back up
First ^!$$% to act up, get smacked up
Orange suits on hand, Dirty this, Dirty that

Yo, where Dirty at? But now Dirty back
My girl is nasty, her booty is stank
I $#[email protected] her all night, until a ^!$$% shoot blanks

Doggystyle, will never spill my drink
Then smoke a blunt, and watch the %#@! on tape
You can sit on my face, I like the taste

If my P.O. call, tell that (*##$ to wait
I break ya face, invade your space
Don't make the mistake, tell me who is in the place what?

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Yeah, let me see you work something

Slow down, don't hurt nothing
You nasty, ain't ya? You freaky, ain't ya?
Get ya $$# over here, shake it like ya just don't care

Now bounce-bounce, move it over here, now
Work, work, move it over here

[Young Chris]
History, I do her, then we split up
Lyon call, whenever, we ready to get up

I ain't never been hit up, with a line that's strong
Have a ^!$$% $#[email protected] the %#@! up, with his love, that's wrong
Got a hell of a body, yeah, I love that tone

And god damn, I love that moan
There's just something about you, make a ^!$$% stay all night long
My undercover freak the %#@!

It's cool, cuz her peeps was rich
So whatever I want covered, and she got my peeps' pitch right
So when I'm on the road, or a girl play the show

She can respect homebase, she play the codes
Nasty as she wanna be, shaking that $$# right in front of me
Can't seem to keep her from up under me

And how I am, try'nna see if chirp gash
Shake it for the Gunnerz and Dirt, shh..


[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

I'm dirty, just like the dirty south
I talk dirty, wash out my dirty mouth
I'm dirty, just like the dirty south

Talk dirty, wash out my dirty mouth
What, ^!$$%? Why you wanna get me started?
Got me in the club with Tha Alkaholiks

On the down low, like I'm ducking the warrant
Getting head in the back by the bathroom toilet
There's beauty all around, let me see the performance

She down for whatever, you know I'mm all for it
Gotta spark hard, hoppin' sports bar
After this, it's the Marriot courtyard

Gold card, I'mma max it out
Just keep your [email protected]%$ shaking and the apples out
You can, stick around, honey, that's no doubt

Bust a nut, then I'm passing out

[Chorus 2X]

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