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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Welcome Home"

(feat. Nicole Ray)

[Intro: Nicole Ray (Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!)]

Dirt Dog, Nicole Ray
Welcome home, you Dirty mutha-- Wu!!!
(2003, Brooklyn, Dirt Dog, Dirt Dog)

[Hook x4: Nicole Ray]
Uh oh, Dirt Dog

[Chorus: Nicole Ray]
It's been so long (so long)

Since you've been gone (been gone)
So bring my body some heat (some heat)
To move slow to this beat (yeah, yeah)

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Dirt, the ol' %#@!, let me put my hands up your skirt

Been to you since I flirt, bet your knees get hurt
See your [email protected]%$ through your shirt, may I feel like Kurt
In bed, I put in work, I got a dick I'll squirt

I'm totally psyched, that this party all night
When I play the shelf, I'm $#[email protected]' (*##$es, that ain't my hype
I got $$# in my sight, girl, would you now blowin' the pipe

Jewelry, I wear, bite, I like that #[email protected] tight!
Find my drugs in the street, stink $$#holes in seats
Holla at me, tweet, tweet, that's where the $#[email protected] up feet

Banana livin' (*##$es, fast it itches
Unwire Gucci stitches, get grain to riches
Get off the jock!

[Hook x4]

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Let this (*##$, #[email protected] switch
I'm a dog, I itch, monkey, I'm rich

Settled in Brooklyn, only let crooks in
Ghetto black #[email protected], yeah, I fit in
^!$$%, I'm most in, party's I'm hostin'

My note to [email protected]%!es in, do the front row sting
Put your hot temperature, your #[email protected] sent ya
Over here, I pimp ya, white and black I blend ya

Dick up like a roaster, you be like whose the
My music will lose ya, you miniture
I got this microphone, pulled back and @@#!ed

And all sperm cells get off the jock!
Get off the jock! Yeah

[Hook x4]


[Bridge: Nicole Ray]
When you play that song

We be dancin' all night long
Feelin' sexy and so free
Music takin' over me

[Hook & Bridge to the end]

[Outro: Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Hot for you, comin' soon
Dirt McGirt..

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