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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Stomp"


Sing the song, sing along with me

Sing the song, sing the song with me

[Verse 1]

When I'm with you baby, tell me why, tell me so
I ask you to go high, you tell me to go low

So I go low, (slurp), taste the %#@!
(Slurp), taste it again, I like it
(Rrr) I'm the original G-O-D

Making young ladies scream's my specialty
When I go DUN DUN DUN DUH, girls get hype
From the funky fresh music that was stereotyped

When I kill, that ol' mad funky flow
Not sayin Ason, duck duck disco
Or disco duck, strictly hip hop

Baby baby, I can't stop
Wu, gots ta like come on through
Soo, that's the call for the Wu

I came here to rectify
Why, ^!$$%s wanna get up and rap and rap and rap

Man, $#[email protected] that
%#@!, that I make it's the skit
I wanna see ya hands in the air, can ya dig it

Let's sing the song
Come on party people, all in together now, sing along

Have you ever ever ever
In your long legged life
Had a bald headed (*##$

For your bald headed wife

[laughter] Gimme dat

[Verse 2]

Who's the baddest mother$#[email protected] in the Brooklyn town
And also representer of the Wu-Tang sound
If you wanna get up and get $#[email protected] up

Last ^!$$% got up and got shot up
But you's a gangsta, on the boards I'll bang ya
Mess with the Wu-Tanger, I'll hang ya

You'll get shanked and spanked and alley-ooped
I admire true ^!$$%s like Dre and Snoop
Chamber number 9, verse 32

Only speaks about BROOKLYN ZOO
That a true ^!$$% shall come through
No-one is available to be compatible

This is chamber number 9, verse 32
Is what we call The Stomp

The stomp is down (Stomp)

Get down for your crown (Stomp)
Stomp (Stomp)

[Verse 3]

Brothas always playin with the microphone
When it blows up in your face, (BOOM) you leave it alone
You couldn't touch, this style is too much

It's the rhymer, I don't give a crippled crab crutch
(Grruh) Any ^!$$% or [email protected][email protected]
Get burned to the brimecell like a cigarette

Straight up and down, I don't play around
Rhymin gets me paid madd bread by the pound
Shout out to my crew, tight as a belt y'all

Go by the name Big A, from the shelter

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