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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Rollin' Wit You"

You can't imitate me on this $#[email protected] tape
You ain't ringing the bell I'm ready when you are

(You ain't ringing the bell
You ain't busting the grape
You ain't imitating me on this $#[email protected] tape) [x10]

I'm tellin you (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s
If y'all don't $#[email protected]

If y'all coloured (*##$ $$# [email protected]$)got punk $$# mother$#[email protected]
Don't see that these white people are trying to take over your %#@!
Don't worry, your baby's happy the Ol' Dirty [email protected]&! is here

Your baby happy I'm here
To beat the %#@! out of all you [email protected]$)got punk $$# mother$#[email protected]
(*##$ $$# ^!$$%s!

I shut whole $#[email protected]' world down
You white mother$#[email protected] could never, ever take over

You can't ever take over! [x2]
You shut the $#[email protected] up and you shut the $#[email protected] up
That's what the $#[email protected] you do!

(Could I get a beer, yo I need some beer)

You ain't using your phone, you ain't callin the cops

Cause ^!$$% I'm the only king of the block
I'm the only black god, mother$#[email protected]!
And I came to rock the spot

When I throw at football pass at a (*##$ she miss
Ain't trying to be funny gonna use my fist
You can't use the family feud

You can't run it on a cuckoooo!!!!
You bring shame, I'll keep Ol' Dirty safe
Not locked up, cause I'll have your $#[email protected] $$# locked up!

I'll stash you, lickin you down, light that blunt!
You ain't gettin one,two I do what I want!
If I got a problem, a problems got a problem til it's gone

I'm the only Unique Ason
You reap what you sew
$#[email protected] with the O

I got the precinct locked down
You ain't using the po-po
$#[email protected] you Soso

I got the keys to your hoe
I'll stop your whole flow, all you (*##$es roll
Would be from the ghetto

You want me to control
This $#[email protected]' show
Give Ol' Dirty what he want and mo!

Time stops you'll go
Mafia slow!
Time'll stop you'll go

Mafia! Pay me all my mother$#[email protected] money
Or I'ma slow down your dough!

Jesus I'm rollin with you [x4]

You'll all be in danger
You'll have a sex changer
I'm gettin more anger call me Dr. Stranger

I master the demon demonic toys
Sting you with the venom kill your joy!
(*##$es throw hands in the air like to be sodomized

That's what I'm here for!
That's what I'm all about!
I get girls and I'll they want to give is a good $#[email protected] from me

Hippa to the hoppa and you just don't stoppa
I control Michael Jackson's Thriller

Catch him and ruuhhahaha
$#[email protected] with the guys that'll make you shrug
I'm the only original

$#[email protected] you chump!
Shut the $#[email protected] up!

Yo did you understand that?


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