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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Intoxicated"

(feat. Macy Gray, Method Man, Raekwon)

[Chorus: Macy Gray]

Intoxicated and I'm faded, by your honey
Why, we finally made it, got to lovin'
Money, seeds and shine

They wanna hate it, try to break it
But it's yours and mine
Nothing can change it, finally made it, so divine

Yo, I sat around the illest villains

Campaignin' while we all G off
Automatic mayors, now we ain't playin'
Wolves start scheemin', violate me in the rain

Get more respect, rob Marvin Gaye on 'em
Gold, black, beige on 'em, heavy gauge
Gettin' blazed, all that money, but he ain't even shaved

This a new flavor, bigger vets, bigger begets
Bigger papes, god damn it, ^!$$% got saved
Three or more, two thousand four Blazers

Lookin' good, it's all hood, just [email protected]#^yze amazed
Peace, let's mozy and swaze', y'all
Then count real bank and thank 'em, hit me on the page, what


[Method Man]
Yo, I was born on the same day as Dr. Seuss
Plenty of friends, henny and gin, who got the juice?

Let's get drunk, in this mother$#[email protected], let's get pumped
I need that funk, like I ain't took a bath in a month
You can find me where the thugs be at, club be at

A fact, I love women, cuz they love me back
The name's Johnny, they used to call me sucker for love
But now I'm grimey, cops searchin' mother$#[email protected] for drugs

Give me that buzz, that calm a ^!$$%, dimes and doves
At four twenty, when ^!$$%z knew what time it was
A shot of Remy, in my system, I'm buzzed

Then baby, I ain't just a little war from unplugged
Haha, you know I, crack myself up, sometimes with no excuses
Like every ^!$$% that done time, I didn't do it

Meth the Magnificent, not Jeff
I see the game done gone imputent, soft and suspect


[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Yo, silence on Smith with six shots, lick shots
Leave ya head like a Shaolin monk with six dots
Hit a gush, twistin' a sweet switcher

In search for Bobby the Digital, (*##$, not Bobby Fisher
Head full, with a Grey Goose and Redbull
I came for, a beer, weed, plus a bed full

Of dimepiece, model type (*##$es, who mind they business
Blow my dick, like birthday cake wishes
My warrior's scornful, hard to respond to

Dirt McGirt, be sailin' boat and in Honolulu
Brooklyn Zu, wild like Chaka Zulu
Brooklyn Zu, shots will go right through you

Touch me in Cali, or the streets of Mauwi
In the two thousand six pitch black Audi
Drivin' by (*##$es, I'm like howdy

Doody, to you some beauty (*##$es crowd me

[Chorus x2]

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