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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "High In The Clouds"

(feat. Black Rob)

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

I wanna stay high in the clouds
I wanna keep plenty of #[email protected] around
I'm gonna keep puttin' in bullets in pocket

Just in case, it's goin' down
I'm a Brooklyn soldier, yes, I'm is
If you lookin' for a problem, here it is

I'm worser than the cross and bones, and that's danger
I don't give a $#[email protected], what beef it is

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Now I'mma get serious, #[email protected] don't talk, went the heat come out
^!$$%z sleep on Dirty, til the street come out

I like fame, but lockdown changed the ^!$$%
Now it's all about the gauge, on the stage for ^!$$%
Cuz haters wanna shoot, everything that shine

So I'm prepared, to lock and load my rhymes
Eat, two at a time, while my mind is bent
And dare mother$#[email protected], come with Brook' with that

I be rollin' on the Boulevard, nothin' better rush
I'm like Big Ben with my middle finger up
Sidewalk hash, make thugs relax

Got a team that could vile your habitat
More gritty than Diddy, cause my hair's uncombed
Streets I roam, are too hot to throw on poems

Feel like L.A. blocks, home, when the yay is yo
Gotta rob a mother$#[email protected] when the day is slow


[Black Rob]

Uh, #[email protected] doctor, four-four @@#!er
Platinum, baby, ya'll ^!$$%z is goin' copper
I'm down in Bad Boy South with the ^!$$% Chopper

Programmed to blow %#@! up, like Dennis Hopper
Hella pointed, hop out the helicopter
It's L.A.X. for the weed, it's hella proper

I rap, but still stick hoes for door knockers
And if she's persistent, block her, block her, block her
Infered, I call it the show shocker

It's M.S.G., with Jay-Z, the show stopper
And this is for them gangsta dudes, know you boppin'
That take dough, and don't take shorts for no coppers

My team are life stoppers, watch me split ya life up
Like Mekhi Phifer, in the movie "Clockers"
And just for doing the thing, they try to lock us

Wanna find me? I'm layin' the back with the pill poppers

[Chorus x2]

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