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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Give It To Ya Raw"

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Give it to ya raw!
Yo, it's that old school %#@!

About 12 years old

Let's get physical, operate your brain to function

I remember the Gods at the junction
Conjunction junction what's your function?
I summed it up as the Ason sumption

Known on the microphone as Crazy Crucial
Dippin low on an MC like you and doin you
Somethin, so step to the %#@! right now

Kickin on erything in my god damn town
Doin expressure, a jam it to deadly
Daredevil doin, cause I am the U-N

I-Q-U-E funky fresh
Funky do he get hype?
You're mother$#[email protected] right I do

Ason, break it down sure anytime
A serious outstandin never end it clever in the rhyme
Break down your %#@!, wherever you come

There's no one who can $#[email protected] with Ason
I paralyze you make you realize who
Lost concern with my god damn crew

Quiet as kept when I start any $#[email protected] riots
Even before you do in my ^!$$%? Don't try it!
For you to get close enough to my style

You have to travel miles and miles and miles
To find a special rhyme like mines, you gotta look
At what you find in the Brooklyn Zoo

Raw exit, killin the beat with all your might
You love a hip hop song baby, I don't wanna be right
Wake up, what, what, losin your head

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Juvenile faction of hard, you say you're livin large
You're the head ^!$$% in charge

I give it to ya raw!
I said I give it to ya raaaawww!!

I'm Ason baby, I'm the Ason baby
I'm Ason baby, I'm the Ason
I'm Ason baby, I'm the Ason

Givin it to ya raw baby
The raw deal, because

These lovely rhymes made by the one and only
I'm Ason, there's nothin phony about me
Steady of course so hard to handle whip it

Like a specialist I write my own music
Now I make ya dance, get drunk or act wild
Baby sayin "Hey hey I love your style"

Whether you're sober, known just to holder, casanova
Get chopped with the lawn mower
So get busy as Ason perform

On and on ladies scream my name Ason
That means the Ason girls fanatic
Repeat it so much you get a throat infection

Yo I relieve the ones who believe
You're in the need of the God degree
That I build on with style and finesse

Keep MCs in check like a game of chess
So to the folks, come to my rehearsals
I look so good I should be on the commercials

On TV that tell original lie
Of the Ason most high
Who's your Jesus? Stop me and question

They'll never forget they can choke on position
Don't charge a cent of excellent
Add the ingredients of Ason's elements

Fire, water, cold earth wood
Yo do the knowledge because it is good
Enough to overstuff jumbo pack

Brother like Ason will never be attacked
A by a ^!$$% couldn't figure how to pull the gun trigger
And I say yo get the $#[email protected] outta here!

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