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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Gettin' High"

(feat. Brooklyn Zu, La the Darkman, Rayson)

[Intro: Rayson, Zu Keeper]

Aiyyo, what's up ^!$$%?
Roll up that %#@!.
Yo, where you comin' from, ^!$$%?

The $#[email protected] you talkin' 'bout?
I'm comin' from Franklin.
^!$$%, Brooklyn Zu.

Yo, I got a badge.
You got a badge?
^!$$%, just give me $5.

A'ight. You know I'm sayin', du'?
Word up.
Now which one of you ^!$$%z really got dough?

None o' us.
Yo, yo, yo.

[Chorus: Rayson]
We some GQ, get fresh, lamp a lot ^!$$%z
Lettin' all the world know, we be gettin' high

[repeat 3x]

[12 O'Clock]

What's up, ^!$$%? Look how you strong, workin' 'em off
Got that hoe-ass (*##$ tellin' you you ain't worth it no more
She $#[email protected]' while you on tour, the ^!$$% next door

Y'all even played basketball, should've punched ya in ya jaw
Now ^!$$% need to stay on tour, 10 g's is worth more
She's a chickenhead [email protected]^%, tryin' to score

I knew a (*##$ like that before, named Mo'
What a mink in the snow, a rink on the toe
12 O'Clock know, a (*##$ never want a (*##$


[La the Darkman]

Yo 12, this (*##$ Sky livin' in Bed-stuy
Used to be a hon' until she started gettin' high
The high school prom queen, now she prom fiend

Her man was 85, so he sold her a dream
Told her he was rich, so she sucked his dick
Swallowed all his### and she didn't even spit

Suckin' him off in the whip, he loved that (*##$
He loved that (*##$.. he loved that (*##$

[Chorus: repeat 3x]

[Shorty %#@! Stain]

I know this ^!$$% on the Hill who got mad mils
Some masses, got credit cards, I mean this ^!$$% got big bills
Well, anyway, I'ma sick him

Cuz his girl Dawn put me on to the whole ?
She say he don't be home to caress her
So I undressed her and made her feel better

He got the safe in the [email protected]&(t under the cemented floor
So what more, could you ask for?

[Outro: Zu Keeper]
Producer. Representer. RZA. 12 O'Clock.
Rayson. Zu Keeper. Shorty %#@! Stain.

Yo... yeah. One time.

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