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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Drug Free (Remix)"

(feat. M.M.O.)

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Kids, don't get high
Motha$#[email protected] had me up in this motha$#[email protected], last night and %#@!
I'm cocained the $#[email protected] up

Paranoid as a motha.. yo I'm paranoid as a $#[email protected]
Yeah, $#[email protected] that.. yo I $#[email protected] around and %#@!
I sprained both of my $#[email protected]' fingers

This %#@!.. man a ^!$$% need to get.. I'm tired of gettin' high like that
Ain't nobody came in my motha$#[email protected]' school with no motha$#[email protected]' drugs
Stop $#[email protected]' wit me ^!$$%s, stop $#[email protected]' wit me

^!$$%, that %#@!s all in my family, ^!$$%
Stop $#[email protected]' wit me, the $#[email protected] is you talkin' bout?
On the strength, what the $#[email protected] is you talkin' bout?

We've been here too many years to stop $#[email protected]' wit me

^!$$% I'm scared of the trigga

While I'm the life giver and the life taker
I'm your father-in-law, married to mother-in-law
Got the universe movin' in the form of the sea-saw

You killed 2Pac and Biggie, you know they was rollin' wit me
You paid for your stupidity
You can't do nothin' to me! I let your $#[email protected]' eagle fly free

^!$$%, I'm pioneerin' all the sound ya hearin'
Earth from steerin', high mountaineerin'
I sincerely $#[email protected] you up severly by the yearly

Keep the sky clearly
I'm straight from the seventies
Mockneck colors wit ya (*##$ $$# disappearance

Give me clearance, I don't want no $#[email protected]' interference!
I'm the Big Black Jesus!

Throw ya hands in the air! And wave 'em, $#[email protected]' Wu don't care!
And if ya +'Bout It, 'Bout It+
Like we're +'Bout It, 'Bout It+, let me hear ya say, "Oh yeah!"

Oh yeah! Well, oh yeah!

I smoke woolers too, I majored the dust

Uh, it's legal for me
I drink everything, I don't give a $#[email protected]
It's part of the universe

Hey, what else I do? I do what I do
Man, $#[email protected] that! I stays high!
I don't give a $#[email protected]!

Yo yo yo I don't stop at the booze, no not, can't drop the tool

So no to C.Rules and go to these schools
Now who thinkin' elementary, class
I be see no to ecstacy and hash

Headed to the penitentiary one way
Blackin' out sippin', dust plus gun play
Knucklehead ^!$$% in a stolen Hyundai

Sip this two, a one-to-three on Monday
If I'd have stayed in school and said no to drugs
I'd probably just be what my moms thought I was

I probably wouldn't be here pleadin' with the judge
And (*##$in', it's silly, hope the God forgive it

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
(Yeah) Kids, don't use drugs! (What what what what? M.M.O!)
Durg Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!

Durg Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!
Drug Free! Drug Free!

[beat cuts off]

Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun

Dunh, do-do-do-duh-duh-duh
Maybe I was a fool, dun-do-na-na-na

When you say gettin' high wasn't cool, do-na-na-na
When I got used to this stuff, dun-duh-na-na-na
[snorting] Wasn't enough..

[beat comes back in]
Drug Free! Drug Free! Drug Free!

[Itchy-Fingas Sha]

Eh-yo, we worldwide, Drug Free but we all hide
Pumpin' adrenaline through all sides
Most guys need [email protected]%!e to cope, the only smoke I choke
is when I burn ^!$$%s verse for verse
My drug caper, stoppin' ya heart just like a pacemaker

We hold weight so we cross trainers
And headbangers with these black Rangers
Feds tryin' to contain us
Cuz we live dangerous, drug paraphanelias
My life changes, switch up frames in different angles

Crack'll leave ya dead or with shackles on ya ankles
Loves and thank yous, but it's a privelage for me
Givin' 'em Drug Free style, M.M.O., O.D.B.

[Outro: M.M.O.]

Baby.. Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus
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