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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Don't U Know Part II"

[Intro: Ol Dirty [email protected]&!, Shorty %#@! Stain]

Yo, turn the-- drop the, drop the drums

Yeah, drop the drums
(I know all the time) Step up to the mic boo
(It be hard to use a Trojan) Yeah, let me hear you

(Cause your %#@! can't breath...)

(Sex is something that everybody needs) I know all the time fellas

It's hard to use a Trojan
(Everybody wants, everybody loves) Cause your %#@! can't breathe
It's all closed in

(Sex is something that everybody needs) Put the beat on, put the beat on
(Everybody wants, everybody loves)

[Chorus: Shorty %#@! Stain]

Sex is something that everybody needs

Everybody wants, everybody loves

[repeat 2X] - If you want it baby

if you want it babe
better use a Trojan!

[Verse One:]

I know all the time fellas, be hard to use a Trojan

Cause your %#@! can't breathe, it feels all closed in
You wanna slip itoff, ohh baby I like it raw
But why i wanna hurt myself for?

I was walking down my block, say my block Munroe
Said peace to this girl, girl said hello
Well hell is low, and the lowest you can go

Is thirty-two degrees, below zero
So I started to rain on this young (*##$ brain
Causin her a great relief of physical pain

She said, "Tit for tat, step off da bra strap.
No diamonds, no gold, I can never get a rap."
I said, "So what?", as I grabbed herbutt

(*##$ smiled for a while but her mouth kept shut
(*##$ eighteen years old, just birthed a child
Young in the brain though her thoughts are wild

On welfare, but she don't care
She says, "FTF is always there."
FTF means face-to-face

Main, headquarters of your local place
Where, you collect your monthly pay
To support bad habits youse abuse everyday

There hasnever been a girl in my entire life
My girl, my next, ex or my wife
And never been one who tried to disrespect

I'm speakin bout the member of the opposite sex!
There's somethin that I gotta let out
But I don't want to be known as Ralph the Blabbermouth

Quiet as kept, she thought I was soft
But all I wanted to do, is knock her boots off
Just from obtaining the common sense

You can tell that the girl seemin rather quite dense
Other than dense she played slightly bold
But from the statement I made she could not uphold herself

She broke down, and she started to cry she said
"Oh! I don't believe this guy!"
What what you gonna do?

May I diss her? Yes you may
That girl's a [email protected]#%, with a hole in her butt
Who used to be a meaty-bone puppy child little mutt

Came to my house smellin like trout
I said, "Doggie doggie doggie, get out!!"
She did my dick, I mean she bit bad vicious

Dirt Megirt, deep dark and delicious
She's a doo-doo BUH
Alcoholic NUH

and her $$# is tighter
than a pair of vice GRIPS
Speaking of a TUH

I won't kiss, because they don't give milk
Them %#@!, kick, see uh
Let me tell you about the rash from the neck
it's enough to put the ring around the collar in check
She's nothin but a BUH

otherknown as a WUH
with an irritating ITCH
from trying to SWITCH
Strung out $$#, foggin up glass
Tell all the NUH that the #[email protected] first class

Smoke a bag of hash with the money she stash
But she had to play the corner just to make that cash
Pulled down her panties and scratched that rash
Then rubbed it with that a pimp had slashed
Tryied to get saved at the Tabernacle Prayer

But the only thing holy was her %#@!ty underwear
I will change a style, always I will fix
But you can not teach an old bag...


Yo I ain't got to say no more Son
Yo word to God man
Only thing I'm saying man, is use a Trojan
Kno what I'm sayin? For real man
Cause it's on man

You kno what I'm sayin? I had to learn that...

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