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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Dirty Dirty"

(feat. Rhymefest)

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Two steps from the border line
Anything closer will kiss the nine
Think I'm out the game? You out of your mind

Cuz I stay on track, like transit line
Keep it nappy or braided up
Dirty in the @@#!pit, blazin' up

Stop frontin' when you made it up
Tellin' all my hoes, you can't spray it up
Hah, huggin' nuts like tighty whites

Still trickin' on hoes like Heidi Fleiss
You know why ^!$$%s don't give you much respect
Cuz they seen you gettin' slapped with the empty gat

Know Dirt, like bow know death
When I'm huntin' down, birds of rap
Hate Dog, cuz I ate your cat

And you can eat my $$# and have a [email protected]%!e with that
Use a spoon, unless you want a fork
Pull my dick out, watch the room get dark

Stay high with the zombie walk
Gotta sit my $$# down, like Rosa Parks

[Chorus x2: high pitched female (Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!)]
Dirty Dirty, you tell me how you do it
It look so easy, like there was nothin' to it

But they don't understand, about the Dirty M.C.
It's the.... (Ohhhhhhhhhh), new track by ODB

They say dirt and sunshine make the flowers grow
I say, $#[email protected] a (*##$ raw and drive your nut on the floor

Call it what you want, you son of a hoe
I was 5 percent til' white (*##$es came and dropped it down to four
3, 2, 1, I can lick the sun with my tongue

Pull it out and smack a ^!$$%, just for thinkin' I'm done
Shut your trap, razor blade cut your wrap
Fat girls seen my comin', started tuckin' their flab

Rhymefest and Dirt Dog, gon' spark this
The day he got to heaven, track mud on the carpets
Hot like the hot potato, you ^!$$%s ain't motto

You hot as the spot, yo
Go to the show, for hot dogs and nacho's
This me and Dirt Dog's style, it's not yours

[Chorus x2]

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
What can make a hoe, look more cuter
But, Hennessey shots, and smoke more Buddha

I don't know Dirt, now she look like Zab Judah

Test my manhood, go get my dick ruler

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Now you hungry, wanna eat right through her
But you better first track for a noter
Like does she have a best friend, or I taught her

Has she ever tried $#[email protected]' under water


Down down with the fishes, deep sea dishes
I ain't a genie, (*##$, I don't respect your wishes
This trick ain't $#[email protected]' me though, god damn

Something very wrong, I don't understand

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]

Misinterpetate, let me break it down
Two pulls make the your merry go round
Touch your toes, show me that rose

Butt naked, in a Wu-Tang pose
Wide open, girl, everything goes
Real freaky, when you powder that nose

Keep it and move, I sleep in the nude
I'm keepin' it rude, pull out my dick and pee in the food
On the way to the stars, don, where's the map?

We $#[email protected]' there, and we gonna $#[email protected] back

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Rhymefest]

Yeah, Dirt Dog, Rhymefest, you want it, man
Rest in peace, I know you heaven right now
Trackin' mud on the carpet, so, we gon' let ya
Do what you do it's the ohhhhhhh
Don't forget the crew, it's the Wuuuuuu

I thought you knew, it's the Ol' Dirt Dog
Rhymefest, yeah yeah, from now to 3000, man
What's rap with Dirty? What's the world without Dirt?
Just a bunch of $#[email protected]' water, ohhhhhhhhh
We out....

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