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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Caught Up"

(feat. Mack 10, Royal Flush)

[Chorus: sample]

Some people get caught up
Some try and get rolled up
Some people... [x9]

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!]
Ol' Dirty kickin' your $$#..

The things that you learnt in class is trash
You can't do nothin' wit' it, I put you in the past
You broken mother$#[email protected], shut the $#[email protected] up

I do it 'til you bad luck and head gets plucked
The only thing on your brain is to give me this cash
Stay out of my business 'cause I'm takin' your tash

This struggle on the ming, non of y'all bring
I got y'all in.. flavouring

[Chorus x2]

[Mack 10]

I seem to $#[email protected] about a (*##$ or a crooked $$# cop
I'm a burst that, it's dealin', the hustle don't stop
I got stones and hairone, ecstasy and weed

Meth, imphetamine, sherm, sticks and speed
Pay it high wid, dope is all I got to give
I'm a ghetto ^!$$% dog so I get it how I live

Got money, lock 'em off, $#[email protected] still I got drama
Got two strike dog and five baby mamas
With new strain I maintain, I'm ready and willin'

to keep change on ^!$$%s brains to keep the blood spillin'
I hate it but it ain't complicated, it's real simple
$#[email protected] with me and know you get a hole in your temple

I ain't gonna play you ^!$$%s, I'ma slay you ^!$$%s
Don't take but a few figures and a few new triggers
Mack 10 livin' legend, every West coast rhymin'

Straight hoo bangin' gangsta and all rhymin' sodom, it's bad

[Chorus x2]

[Royal Flush]
Shut up, let me talk for a minute, alot of bull %#@! on my mind

Dealin' with crime, alot of y'all dealin' wid rhymes
Stuck on the grind, crackheads cookin' my pies
Startin' off on the 1-2-5, the block's mine

Bucket the spine, DH tryna tap my line
Stop my producitons, wanna know my money discussions
Who I roll wid, "buy so many cars is he legitin' of my dick"

It didn't matter when I ain't have %#@!
They done watch me in helicopters, parklin' in my crib
All I wanna feed is my kids, no time to do a bid

Feel me, I forced the whole guns a while for my ones
Didn't sell drugs, where the money come from?
No school, no job, no (*##$, no food, $#[email protected] that

Do what I do to make my %#@! true
And I make it hard on them boys who blew they cats charges
If I go to jail you know I'm blowin' on the Sergeants

[Chorus x5]

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