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OL DIRTY BASTARD lyrics : "Baby C'mon"

Yo, are you taping baby?
Baby are you taping?
Ohh yeahhahhahheeyahhhyahhhhohhhyahhhh

Baby baby c'mon, baby c'mon, baby c'mon
What the $#[email protected] anybody wanna do?
Right mother$#[email protected] now!


[Verse One:]

I'm the dog who's ahead of the Lords
Dirty [email protected]&! from the Wu-Tang squad

Can I get raw, yes I get Dirty to the floor
Rhymes, hittin on your mind, you could never ignore
Hip-hop to me is like a place to be

My specialTY from me to you is emCEE
Say what you wanna sayyyahhh, baby sayahh
I flip the microphone-ah, any dayahh

I'm mad swift because I got that gift of gab
^!$$%z get mad, your $$# stink never had
This talent that I got will resound the spot

MC's, you got paid a lot
You ever notice a black man damn mostly slams
When it come to the money yo it ain't funny

It's what you gotta do what you got to do
C'mon, can I get a Wu-Tang
Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang

Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, it's on your brain
I get riggy diggy raw when it's time to get
On the dancefloor shotgun kill the %#@!

BLAOW, then you won't step to me
Thinking is he really raw as he said he'd be
If I wasn't really raw, standing here on the floor

^!$$%z play like they live but won't survive
Jumpin up and down ticklin that jive when you ticklin gab

I'm an average man, G-O-D fan
Let it be known who's the champ, Wu-Tang Clan!
It's coming through and WU, boy it's bad too!

Throw your hands in the air, if you don't care
WHO, the Ol Dirty [email protected]&! be
Oh me on my, you be hoppin on my %#@! just like a fly

BZZZZZT, all around
The dirtiest stinkin sound down to the ground
What what, what you wanna do?

What you wanna do when I'm coming for you?
I'm gonna give it to ya, bayyybah, bayybah,

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