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Oksana Angel : Where do You Keep my Heart, Angel? lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Where do You Keep my Heart, Angel?"

[Verse 1:]
I never knew love until you came into my life
Out of this haunting dream

I recognized your eyes from the very first sight
It felt so real to me
It was a déjà vu, I could hardly breathe?

All I saw was you when my heart stopped beating?
And the world slipped away?slipped away?

Where do you keep my heart, Angel?
Where do you hide the key?

Where do you keep my love, Angel?
Where do you hide the wings?

[Verse 2:]
You brought out the best in me, you've changed my life
you've been watching over me?

I gave you all my heart; it beats for you, my Angel
You say our love can never be?
Only the magic of love can break the spell and bring me back to life

I will wait for you, my Angel, forever and another day ?
till the end of time!

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