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Oksana Angel : What's Harder? lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "What's Harder?"

Don't Know what's Harder?

[Verse 1]

You were my comfort and consolation when times weren't easy?
You were my reason and my anchor so I don't drift away
You were my strength and my support when I needed it most

You were my happiness and joy;
Oh, I will miss those times, I will?

I don't know what's harder ? to stay with you
Or maybe it's much harder to be without you?

[Verse 2]
You were my light and guiding star when days were dark?

You were the shelter for my heart when nights were cold
You were my very best friend, the only one I ever had
You are the only love I wish I'd never found nor lost?

You never asked me how far I would go to find you, to be with you?

You never told me how hard it would be to love you, to miss you?

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