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Oksana Angel : Time To Say Good-Bye lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Time To Say Good-Bye"

[Verse 1]
Time to part, time to say good-bye
I feel so bad, so sad?but I'm not crying!

Deep in my heart, I'd give anything
To be with you again?if you gave me half-a-chance!
So I gotta stop trying?

New seas, new cities; Weeks, years gone so fast

New faces, new friends; New life, new love
None of these matters?
?cuz you'll always be forever in my heart!

[Verse 2]
Time to start another page anew

Fresh & bold, empty & cold?so strange without you!
Time to stop pretending we're just friends
When passion's gone, we're done (love's gone)?

that's how our story ends?

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