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Oksana Angel : Sweet Poison lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Sweet Poison"

Verse 1

I can still feel your presence here
I can feel your spirit right beside me
Something happened between us

Something that can't keep us apart


Your sweet lies poison my blood
Your passionate hatred has burnt the wings of my love
Your endless thirst for my love ripped my heart out

I have no heart inside?It is beating outside?on the palm
of your hand

Verse 2
Not a day passes by, not a night crawls by
Without you standing right in front of me?in front of me?

Not a day lingers on, not a night freezes me numb
Without you messing with my mind

Your jealousy, not care killed the love we shared
Your sweet poison is running thru my veins

Sweet poison of your lying heart

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