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Oksana Angel : Silver Nights Of December lyrics

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Oksana Angel lyrics : "Silver Nights Of December"

[Verse 1]
When Silver Nights clothe the trees with frost
Angels of Love bring their magic to Earth

And the crystals in the sky show us the road
Back to the Kingdom of Snow

[Chorus 1]
Send me again the Silver Nights of December
When in the snowstorm, we found shelter

(we found love, my Angel)
In the Castle made of Ice - The Kingdom of our Love

[Chorus 2.2]
Send me back again to the Silver Nights of December
When like a snowflake I melted in your arms

Back to the Kingdom of our Love
The Silver Nights?the sweetest I remember?
Silver Nights? of December?

[Verse 2]
As the moon sends upon us its glow

And the wind whispers our song
Silver candles slowly burn
As we dance in the Kingdom of Snow

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